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Torgelow Iron Foundry | Competences

Eisengießerei Torgelow GmbH
Borkenstraße 15a 17358 Torgelow
Phone: + 49 39 76 439 – 0
Fax: +49 39 76 439 – 42


Torgelow Iron Foundry | Competences
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Our services – from the idea to delivery

Cast products – series-safe realisation

We mainly manufacture components for the wind power industry as well as for large diesel engines and machine and plant construction.

In addition to the large dimensioned components for wind power plants with nominal outputs of currently up to 12 megawatts, we also produce other sophisticated cast components such as cylinder crankcases for large engines, gas and steam turbine housings, grinding bowls, roller stands, press tables, running rings and gear rims and much more.

In cooperation with our long-standing, competent partners, we also offer mechanical processing and coating of our raw castings until they are ready for installation.

We ensure that all components are cast and machined according to the required specifications. We continuously invest in the latest manufacturing technologies.



Already in the design phase or the development of a prototype we support you with our knowledge and skills for a quality production or series production of your products. Our development engineers check your designs and help to avoid mistakes. By optimizing the designs in advance, the time span from prototype development to series production and the total costs can be reduced.

We will also discuss with you the choice of materials and design suitable for casting so that we can manufacture the product according to your requirements.

With our cross-departmental planning of the production processes, we ensure the economical, competitive and specification-compliant manufacture of your cast components.


Our team of experienced employees, highly qualified technologists and designers works with the latest technologies and software applications in design and production preparation.

Model making

A casting is only as good as its model. Our own model making department produces precise models for your casting components and tests each model before use.

If necessary and desired, our pattern makers also carry out modifications, repairs and maintenance work on the pattern equipment. In addition, we cooperate with experienced and efficient external model makers.

Overview of services


up to 8.000 t per month

Production area

total 45.000 m2 craned production area

  • Cast iron with lamellar graphite according to DIN 1561 (EN-GJL-150 … EN-GJL-350)
  • Cast iron with nodular graphite according to DIN 1563 (EN-GJS-350 … EN-GJS-800)
  • Also alloyed grey and spheroidal graphite iron materials for special applications
Melting process
  • 2 x 12 t Medium frequency crucible furnaces (Duomelt) – OTTO JUNKER
  • 1 x 25 t Medium frequency crucible furnaces – OTTO JUNKER
Hand moulding process
  • Production range 1 – components up to a unit weight of 8 t
  • Production range 2 – components up to a unit weight of 80 t
  • Production range 3 – components up to a unit weight of 110 t
  • Priming and painting according to customer requirements
  • Airless spray guns
Model building works
  • The new construction of pattern equipment is carried out in our own pattern shop or in cooperation with experienced and efficient suppliers. All model modification and maintenance work is also carried out in our company.
  • Model warehouse I: 3,500 m2, completely craned
  • Model warehouse II: 5.000 m2, completely craned
  • Underfloor heating for constant temperature and humidity

4 modern blasting machines even for extreme dimensions

Annealing process
  • 2 annealing furnaces for stress-relief and transformation annealing
  • Max. Unit weight: 40 tMax.
  • Dimensions: 6,000 x 3,000 x 2,500 mm (L x W x H)
Mechanical processing

This is done in cooperation with experienced and efficient suppliers.

Quality assurance

You define your product and its requirements. We implement, test and deliver them according to your specifications.

We support you in creating or supplementing product-related delivery specifications and advise you on the selection of the optimum material to achieve the desired product properties.

Our certified company has many years of experience in dealing with external certification bodies (national and international).


Test method

Non-destructive testing

Ultrasonic testing (phased array)
Surface crack testing (MT and PT)
Residual stress measurement
Dimensional inspection using laser scanner, laser tracker and tactile destructive inspection
Destructive test on test specimen from sprue or hollow drill specimen
Tensile test
Hardness test (Brinell)
Notched bar impact test, RT up to - 40°C
Microstructure investigation also on the component
Surface hardness testing of the component (HB, Leeb)
Outpatient (component) microstructure examination

Chemical Analyses

Analysis of more than 25 chemical elements by spectrometer and thermal analysis