Eisengießerei Torgelow GmbH
Borkenstraße 15a 17358 Torgelow
Phone: + 49 39 76 439 – 0
Fax: +49 39 76 439 – 42
[email protected]


Torgelow Iron Foundry |
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Welcome to the Iron Foundry Torgelow

    Our Company

    The experience passed down over generations and the constant further development of our casting knowledge have today formed us into a modern, customer-oriented company with the highest level of competence in grey and spheroidal graphite cast iron.

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    Our Team

    Each individual employee sees himself as an important part of our company and only the commitment of all employees leads to the highest possible customer satisfaction. We live teamwork. Because we share our skills, knowledge and experience, we function as a team. Diversity makes us stronger.

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    Your perspectives

    We work together for a better environment and for the future of our planet. We strive to create something that we and future generations can be proud of.

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