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Torgelow Iron Foundry | Perspectives
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Innovative, modern and future-proof

Casting is the shortest way from the idea to the finished component, yet with great design freedom. Computer-aided simulations for mould filling and solidification or for predicting the properties of a component are now modern development tools in the hands of the foundryman.

Every day, our more than 300 employees work on what moves us people today and in the future. As a trainee, you help to make casting components even better, more efficient and more innovative. With us, you make a concrete contribution to the environment, energy and resource efficiency, intelligent recycling technology and climate and environmental protection. Or in short: you are working on the future.

Excellent training and career opportunities

The Torgelow Iron Foundry offers young people attractive training opportunities and interesting career prospects as a foundry engineer, foundry mechanic, mechatronics engineer and in many other professions.

With additional incentives, such as a free ÖPV ticket or BahnCard, a mobile phone or tablet with contract, etc., trainees earn comparatively well with us. If they perform well, the rewarding goal after completing their training is to be taken on as a permanent employee.

You can learn these professions with us:

Three at one stroke - Mechatronics engineers

After completing your training, you will be a sought-after professional for mechanics, electronics and information technology and ideally equipped for a job in many future industries here in the region and throughout Germany.

Duration: 3,5 years
Type: dual training

Everything else, but not boring - Foundry mechanic

In this job you will make moulds that are used for the production of parts. You start with a technical drawing, which you can use to see how the mold will look later. As before in the sandbox, you first make an image in moulding sand. The hot cast metal, which can reach temperatures of over 1500° degrees, is then filled in there later.

Duration: 3,5 years
Type: dual training

From the drawing to the big picture - Construction mechanic

You will be involved in your training right from the start, when huge constructions are created, and you will accompany the entire process from the drawing to the independent programming of the processing machines to the finished construction.

Duration: 3,5 years
Type: dual training

Test what binds forever - Materials tester

Which casting material must a rotor hub be made of in order to withstand the enormous loads? And what vibrations must a marine diesel engine block or turbine housing withstand? Decisions such as these are made by you as a materials tester – a great responsibility!

Duration: 3,5 years
Type: dual training

Stay cool
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I want to know more

Motivated? Then come to us!

We look forward to receiving your application dossier. Please send your documents by mail to

If you have any questions regarding your application, please do not hesitate to contact our personnel department at 03976-439 57.

Time to study professional life

You are also welcome as a student if you would like to experience the fascinating world of casting and gain your first practical experience. We offer internships for students of foundry technology and look forward to receiving your unsolicited application.